Glossary of Terms

    • The acronym "IHDR" refers to an Incident, Hazard, or Deficieny Report. This is the standardized reporting form for all safety-related and customer care related events and observations within ARIES.

    • The acronym "SMS" refers to Safety Management System

    • The acronym "CARs" refers to the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

    IHDR Form Information

    For the purpose of promoting a non-punitive reporting policy, ARIES has created an anonymous IHDR form which provides employees, contractors, customers, and vendors with a medium for submitting potentially sensitive IHDRs.

    The only information sent to ARIES' SMS committee is the information that is entered into the IHDR form.

    It is important to note that the IHDR form cannot be submitted anonymously by employees or contractors when any conditions requiring a mandatory event report are met. These conditions are outlined below:

    1. An event involves an injury or illness to any individual actively participating in ARIES activities that requires follow-up medical attention, a change in regular duties, or results in any missed time.

    2. An event involves a compromise of the security of any individual actively participating in ARIES activities including, but not limited to, threats of violence, criminal activity, or terrorism.

    3. An event involves damage to company, private, or public property including, but not limited to, aircraft, airport facilities, airport equipment, vehicles, accommodations, dwellings, road facilities, spare parts, or tools.

    4. An event involves a non-conformance with the CARs.

    5. An event involves a breach in the Criminal Code of Canada or any applicable international criminal laws.

    6. An event involves a breach of the Canada Labour Code, the Controlled Goods Regulations, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, international export/import controls, or any other legislation that is applicable to ARIES' activities.

    7. An event involves a fine or punishment being levied by a domestic or international government body for any reason.

    8. An identified event has caused recognizable damage to ARIES reputation.

    9. An identified event which is external to ARIES activities but that involves direct interaction from individuals who are actively participating in ARIES activities. For example, a group of ARIES employees comes to the aid of public strangers that have been involved in a vehicle accident.

    10. An identified event involves a near-miss that could have potentially resulted in any of the above criteria.

    11. An identified hazard or deficiency exists that could reasonably result in any of the above criteria.

    Further information about filing an IHDR can be found in ARIES' SMS Manual.

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