Safety Management System

Aries is considered to be a Canadian industry leader in the field of aviation safety through its utilization of a fully functional Safety Management System (SMS) and a robust Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) program. Aries’ commitment to professional crew training, combined with our underlying commitment to safety, has resulted in a highly productive history.

Since safety is considered the cornerstone of Aries, it begins with Aries’ executives and is top priority in virtually every job or process within the company. This process is overseen by a full-time Health, Safety, Security and Environment Officer and Safety Management System Administrator.

Aries is a long standing member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA). The mandate of this Association is to improve safety within the Airborne Geophysics Survey Industry.

Aries is proud of its’ aviation safety record and continually strives to incorporate new safety management systems and tools into its’ ongoing flight and maintenance activities. An example is Aries’ Safety Management System which continues to be an extremely valuable pro-active risk management tool.

The comprehensive training programs utilized by Aries provide our crew members with the skills and knowledge required to safely operate aircraft at low altitudes and in challenging conditions, while maintaining the customer specifications required for good data acquisition.

Through the utilization of a robust safety program and a “safety culture” existing thought the Company, Aries has effortlessly passed safety audits of major oil and gas and mining companies. These safety audits are often very comprehensive and difficult to pass if the company does not have a well established safety program and culture.

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